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What does a dissertation consist of?

A regular dissertation shall contain the following obligatory parts:

  1. Title page, presenting the name of the university, name of the student, the degree pursued and date.
  2. Table of contents outlining your paper.
  3. Auxiliary information such as abbreviations, acknowledgements and declaration of originality.
  4. Abstract summarizing key points of your paper and providing your proposal for dissertation research. Make sure that the word limit is fulfilled.
  5. Introduction. This part usually contains aims and objectives of the whole paper, elaborates on the topic, explains stuff and outlines questions to research. It also provides a description of the dissertation structure.
  6. Literature review. Who else researched the topic? What did they find? Be precise and concise – it is almost never possible to retell everything researched on a single topic. Summarize and classify.
  7. Methodology. This is a section where you describe HOW you were doing the research. Did you conduct any surveys? Did you use statistics? Sampling? What else it might be?
  8. Findings. Sooo, what was the result of your work?
  9. Conclusions. Usually contains comments on the chosen topic in view of the research results obtained.
  10. References.

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